Digital locks for doors

Having a digital lock for doors was a great change for me! You no longer have to bring your keys out when leaving home, which honestly was quite a hassle. Thanks to the latest technology developments, digital locks come with various functionality including face recognition and smartphone connectivity. Some digital locks even allow you to create a temporary password that can be useful for your family and friends. With an extensive variety of digital locks in the market, which then is the best digital door lock in Malaysia? Here we introduce the 10 Best Digital Locks for Doors in Malaysia, recommending you quality options that suit your home, apartment, condominium etc.

Best Digital Locks for doors in Malaysia

Adel 1800/A300

Adel, offering one of the best digital locks for door in Malaysia, Adel has always been a reliable and trustworthy brand when it comes to home digital door lock. Its Adel 1800 A300 Digital Lock provides ease of use and top-notch security. What’s great is that everything is manageable from your smartphone. You can receive notifications when visitors arrive with your phone acting as your doorbell, and you can check the status of your door lock from anywhere. You may also choose from 5 different unlocking methods – Bluetooth app, fingerprint, RFID card, password, and mechanical key.


Dimension: 300(H) x 72.5(W) x 22.5(D) mm

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Mechanical Key, WiFi (optional)

Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries

Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (150), RFID Card (200)

Colour: Black, Silver, Gold

Adel US13

Dreaming of having a fingerprint lock but have other priorities to budget for? While a digital lock can usually cost you a hefty sum, this Adel US13 Fingerprint Lock is a much affordable digital lock in Malaysia. Although there are no functions such as mobile app and WiFi, its fingerprint function is highly secure and you get an additional mechanical key. Moreover, it also can unlock with card and password, allows you to choose different ways to unlock your door.


Dimension: 295(H) x 77(W) x 20(D) mm

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Mechanical Key

Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AA Alkaline Batteries

Capacity: Fingerprint (60), Password (10), Card (60)

Colour: Titanium Black, Stainless Steel

Adel 1800/X1

Turn your Airbnb, homestay, or hotel into a smart place that impresses your guests with the Adel 1800 X1 Digital Door Lock. On top of its smartphone accessibility, it has features that let you manage your Airbnb easily just from the mobile app. You can select the specific date and schedule for your customers to access, track the user’s unlocking record, and delete the user. When the day comes, the password will be sent automatically to the user via SMS or email.


Dimension: 240(H) x 60(W) x 21(D) mm

Material: Zinc Alloy

Unlocking ways: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Bluetooth App, Mechanical Key

Working voltage: 6V/4pcs of AAA Alkaline Batteries

Capacity: Fingerprint (200), Password (200), Card (200)

Colour: Black

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Smart security for a connected home in Malaysia

In today’s world, people are gradually adapting to “smart” devices not only in the workplace but also at home. Intelligent security is the inevitable choice for experts and users to revisit again and again! Of course, when we talk about smart security, we will eventually think of smart locks!

Smart locks in today’s world provide multiple options for access and availability.

Most smart locks use Bluetooth or wireless technology for operation, and they rely on battery operation, so they can maintain efficiency even when the power is off.

The most convenient feature in such smart locks is that you can easily share the access of the lock with the person of your choice through email or through the respective mobile application for the particular smart lock and also at the same time you can revoke the access when the use is over!

You can easily monitor access to the lock, view transaction records and receive notifications about transactions.

In terms of hardware, some smart locks can be integrated with the existing fixing bolts on the door, while others require special smart locks.

Today, there are many options for smart locks, such as:

Bluetooth Smart Locks:

If you are the kind of person who always forgets the door key and key combination, then this option will help all of you! In this case, you can purchase Bluetooth settings, which can be linked with your mobile phone and can perform functions such as automatically locking the door 30 seconds after leaving home.

You can also use NFC technology to program these locks to open the door when you are within a certain range.

This type of lock can also choose to use a key fob so that you can give it to guests or trusted people.

PIN / Fingerprint smart locks:

For those who also find it inconvenient to carry their phone with them, you can use the owner’s fingerprint or PIN code to access this lock! This type of lock is mainly used in shared houses or houses that require frequent access.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks:

For those who believe in and plan to own a smart home, or for those who already own a smart home, this smart lock is heaven! These types of locks can easily work with your home network for easy keyless entry. You can share access rights by sending “invites” to people you trust, and you can also track and monitor access rights through mobile apps.

Smart Padlocks:

In order to protect your house and property, you must use these locks when you are not at home! The smart padlock can be connected with your Bluetooth devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.), and you can easily access or lock the door and protect assets through a mobile application. These locks can stay locked for up to 22 years without charging! However, once the battery is low, you will be notified.

Why you should use smart locks?

In today’s world, using smart locks is very meaningful, because they can free you from the hassle of keys and remember those difficult combinations! The concept of “smart home” is no longer a concept. People are using and adopting smart technology at home to make life easier! These smart devices not only rank first in terms of cost, but also in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Therefore, smart lock is just the next progressive way in that direction.

If you are looking for a digital door lock, we provide digital lock installation in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor etc. Contact us now to get a suitable digital door lock.

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Battery for Digital Door Locks in Malaysia

Here are common questions about this topic in Malaysia:

What kind of battery do we use?

Basically, most digital locks can only be powered by 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.

By default, all door locks have batteries in their packaging, but the batteries in the packaging are usually weak or not durable. These batteries are used for testing purposes after the installation is complete. We always recommend customers replace new batteries once the testing is done.

For best results, we only recommend that you use alkaline batteries. These types of batteries are most suitable for use with our locks, and depending on the frequency of use, they can usually last up to 12 months. There are many AA battery brands on the market that are trustworthy. Our most recommended brand is Energizer (without Max or Max Plus) / Duracell / Panasonic Evolta

Tested by our customers, Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic batteries are considered to have stronger anti-leakage capabilities. 4 batteries can use the digital lock for up to 15 months (depending on usage)

Battery leakage is the number one killer of digital lock failures. Please check it regularly to avoid locking up any rising problems.

Tips on the maintenance of the digital lock battery:

1) Only use alkaline batteries

2) No rechargeable battery

3) Do not mix new batteries with old batteries

4) If possible, Change batteries every 8 – 10 months.

5) Diligently check for battery leakage every 6 months.

6) Avoid lithium, carbon-zinc and rechargeable batteries altogether.

To ensure that the risk of your digital door lock failure is reduced, you should start maintenance from the battery. To purchase a digital door lock in Malaysia, please contact us immediately for price details.

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The Features of TTLock APP You Should Know

How to use TTLock App

Have you ever imagined that what makes digital locks ‘smart’? Many people in Malaysia are using digital door lock. Digital locks in today’s world are not just smart because they can provide a keyless access!

Digital door lock also called as smart door lock, they are called smart door lock because they can provide an easy way to manage and monitor the digital locks, and also provide convenience and ease of use for users.

Nowadays, most digital locks are very smart, because it uses TTLock APP to support it. The application can handle lock operations and help to manage digital door locks effectively.

  The TTLock App has a lot of other features than just unlocking the lock and providing different modes of access for your smart lock.

These other special features are designed to provide you with a very user-friendly and easy way to manage and monitor TTLock APP.

  Next, let’s dive into what these other features are and what can they do for you if you have a digital door lock in Malaysia?

Feature of TTLock APP

• Send eKey

With this function, you can share the eKey with the person you choose, so that you can safely share access permissions! You only need to select the “Send eKey” option, and then select the type of eKey you want to share.

The user can use options such as “Timed” and “Permanent”. Through these options, he can set time limits for eKeys.

•Generate and send password

Sharing access has become easier and more intuitive! Another feature of Shared Smart Access is that you can generate a password, and then share the password with the person you choose!

• Schedule your password

Now you can arrange the password by choosing the type of password you want! This can be done by choosing from a series of options from fixed and timed passwords to recurring passwords that are activated only in a fixed mode during a certain period of time.


You will know who opened the digital lock, when it was opened, the unlock method used by the personnel, etc. These constant notifications allow you to continuously monitor the activity on the digital door lock.

In this way, you can remotely manage TTLock APP without worrying about the safety of your house and property! You will receive phone notifications about everything that happened in TTLock APP!

• Transfer and share admin    

In this function you can transfer admin rights to the person you choose at will, or another option called “Share Admin” allows you to share your admin rights with specific people when needed.

•Modify existing password

This option helps to modify the time period assigned to a specific type of password.

Which means that you only need to select this option to change the time-related specifications of access shared by password.

The user should be proficient in the functions available in the application. Because understanding them can makes it easy to operate and manage the locks!

For those who have not yet downloaded the application, please welcome to visit the TTLock APP and download it to use.

For the end hope this blog can help everyone understand about TTLock APP and use the application in the best way! If you are looking for a digital door lock, we provide digital lock installation in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor etc. Contact us now to get a suitable digital door lock.

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Digital door lock without handle in Malaysia

Digital door lock in Malaysia

Digital door lock is a way to replace the key or to add automatic features such as locking or unlocking remotely. Although most are seen in cars, many advanced security vendors are now offering digital door locks to families and businesses in Malaysia.

In any type of digital door lock, bolts are made to block the door and door frames, preventing entry especially house breaking in Malaysia. This can be a “spring pin”, which is held in place by spring. It allows the door to close (but not re-open) when locked, or safer with “dead seals”, kept in place for until manually unlocked.

In both cases, locking and unlocking is done by turning the visible part (a knob or a key) to move the bolt or lock.

Digital door lock without handle 

In Malaysia, most of the users are looking for digital door lock without handle. By the way, it is a misunderstanding from them because actually it is not the digital door lock without handle, it recognized as digital door lock with push pull handle and digital door lock with deadbolt only.

Thus,  we will like to introduce an affordable price and push pull handle and deadbolt digital door lock from the brand Loghome Korea, the Loghome Felice-F and Loghome LH610F.

Push pull handle digital door lock

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is digital-door-lock-Loghome-Felice-F-Malaysia-1.jpg

Loghome Felice-F features and specifications

Size: 89.4 (W) X 423.4 (H) X 70.5 (D) mm

Unlocking way: Fingerprint, password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key

Material: Aluminium + Zinc 

Batteries: 4pcs of AA alkaline batteries


Password: 3~19 digits of password can be input

Fingerprint: Save up to 100 fingerprints

RFID Card: Up to 50 RFID Cards can be registered

Digital door lock with deadbolt only

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is digital-lock-Loghome-LH610F-Malaysia.jpg

Loghome LH610F features and specifications

Size: 70.5 (W) X 175.5 (H) X 27.4 (D) mm

Unlocking way: Fingerprint, password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key

Material: Aluminium + Zinc 

Batteries: 4pcs of AA alkaline batteries


Password: 3~19 digits of password can be input

Fingerprint: Save up to 100 fingerprints

RFID Card: Up to 50 RFID Cards can be registered

If you are looking a digital door lock without handle or a push pull handle digital door lock in Malaysia, contact us right now to get a good price. 

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Are digital door locks safe in Malaysia?

Are digital door locks safe in Malaysia?

This is the era of technology. In Malaysia, the average of every industries and every person’s life is being affected by technology. In directly, technology has now also become the medium of a person uses to move in and out and secure their home – that is digital door lock. Not too long ago in Malaysia, the only lock which most of the people knew was a geometric shape on their doors which they had to put a key through in order for them to unlock and get into their house. However, technology has changed locks, from the traditional lock to a modern digital lock.

The following are some of the latest types of digital door lock:

• Fingerprint door lock – Lock that scan the fingerprints of the user in order to authorize their entry.

• Smart card lock- Smart card lock, also known as proximity lock, require the user to carry a access card where the user need to scan the access card at the card reader to open the door.

• Smart phone controlled lock – These locks use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to control their door locks via their smart phones.

• Keypad lock- Keypad locks require users to enter passcodes in order to open them, and also support phantom password to increase security of the door lock.

Are Digital Door Locks Safe?

Technology has changed the traditional keyed locks that last time the world knew and loved until recently into the digital door locks. Well the question is, is these changes good or bad? Are digital door locks actually safe? Digital door locks are always safe than normal, non-electronic, keyed locks in Malaysia.

It is true that open a keyed lock is not a tough task for the thefts because they are often made of low quality materials, making them easily broken by burglar, which can take an unprecedented amount of damage. However, almost all of the digital locks that use fingerprints, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and tend to prevent the out of power, the user can use a backup key to unlock their door too.

Forced house breaking is a major risk that comes with traditional keyed locks, but it is also possible although a person has a digital door lock installed in their house door. However, a person can decrease the risk of forced house breaking substantially by simply reinforcing their door with digital lock that are made of heavy-duty metal.

Are digital door locks safer than traditional door locks? Definitely yes, they are safer than keyed locks, so to increase the security of your home, a digital door lock is most definitely a good idea.

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