People are now more focus on security and convenient living. The digital door lock is the future trend of living, where people can access to all their living space without a single piece of key. There are so many types of digital lock in the market, likes:

  • fingerprint lock

  • PIN number lock / password lock

  • Key card lock / RFID card lock / smart card lock

  • Wi-Fi lock

  • Networking lock

  • Mobile apps lock

  • hotel key card system


Pros and Cons of a Digital Door Lock

Pros are:

  • Easy to access with password (comes as standards on most digital locks), fingerprint or/and RFID tag
  • Password can be changed regularly for security reasons
  • Automatic locking can be programmed whenever your door is closed
  • Convenience of not carrying a key
  • Suitable to use even if you have 50pax accessing the same door.

Cons are:

  • If batteries are not changed when they are low, you will have to
  1. purchase a 9v battery from a nearby convenience store to power your lock up
  2. use the mechanical key (not all digital locks comes with this feature) to open your door



How to choose a suitable Digital Door Lock

Type of Digital Door Locks

Rim Lock and Mortise Locks

From the picture below, mortise locks are installed into the door and the bolts of the mortise locks enters the frame of the door. On the other hand, rim locks are installed behind the door’s surface and the bolts enters a ‘rebate plate’ installed on the surface of the door frame.



Password vs RFID vs Fingerprint vs Mechanical Keys


Almost all digital lock in the market comes with a password, this is to facilitate for friends and family members coming over to your place when you are not at home.

Mechanical Keys

We recommend our customers to get a digital lock with a mechanical key because mechanical keys will work even when you have forgotten your password, dropped your RFID cards or even gotten a cut on your fingers. We advise our customers to keep mechanical keys in their office, car, neighbor or friend’s home. Only on very rare occasions will you need one, when you need one, its better to have one than to be sorry!

RFID vs Fingerprint

The choice between these 2 options are really down to personal preferences.

  • Fingerprints are more convenient as RFID means that you would still have to carry an RFID card/tag/sticker with you
  • RFID is faster to open as fingerprints may take a few tries to unlock your lock when your hand or sensor is dirty.
  • For bigger households, we would recommend getting a fingerprint model as excessive RFID cards can be expensive!