Project: New World Development 新世界發展集團

ADEL solution offered: OEM 3in1 door lock management solution

Model: AW10

To ensure the residents to enjoy a caring and convenient living environment with privacy and security protection, New World Development Group has set up a patented smart door lock “ArtisLock” in project Pavilia (Tai Wai), Timber House (Ho Man Tin), Artisan Garden (To Kwa Wan) and Artrium House (Yuen Long), combining traditional crafts and technology, so that the residents can use the keys, fingerprint sand exclusive Artisanal Living Mobile App application to control the door lock.

The unit door is equipped with 3 in 1 smart door lock named “ArtisLock”. Residents can use the key, fingerprint and the exclusive Artisanal Living Mobile App to control the opening and closing of the door. The residents only need to pull up to lock the door when going out.

Pavilia柏傲莊 – Tai Wai大圍

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Timber House 瑧樺 – Ho Man Tin 何文田

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Artisan Garden 瑧尚 – To Kwa Wan 土瓜灣

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Atrium House 瑧颐- Yuen Long 元朗

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