Wireless Networking Fingerprint Hotel Lock Solution (Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock)

The solution is built on a reliable and secure platform that consists of Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fingerprint Technology and Bluetooth.

It allows hotel locks to communicate directly with the hotel server computer where ADEL lock management software installed to achieve real time control and record tracking, as well as offering unique fingerprint access feature to hotel guests.

It benefits the hotel front desk staffs now have more control and able to respond to different situation instantly. Enjoy high efficiency & cost saving as a result, that’s what traditional Off-line solution can never be done.

What’s more, the unique guest experience and sense of security offered by ADEL’s fingerprint technology will be remarkable memory to increase guest loyalty.


What is the Advantages of Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock?

  • Centralize control, setup & card cancellation
  • Real time door lock status & record tracking
  • Instant access authority control
  • Incredible security level with fingerprint technology
  • Illegal break in notification
  • Online firmware upgrade
  • Support distance unlock and alarm in case of emergency
  • Support distance audit check, database backup for hotel group management
  • Possibility of future value-add upgrade
  • Online booking / POS / Auto check-in / Mobile apps access

 What is the Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotel Lock to Hotel Operator?

  • Real time hotel lock management
  • Built hotel brand image
  • Centralize control
  • Enhance guest loyalty
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Minimize manpower involved
  • Better CRM system can be setup
  • Possible for future upgrade

What is the Benefits of Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock to Hotel Guest?

  • Unique experience and feel safe
  • Higher convenience level
  • Higher satisfaction, quick service receive
  • No more worry about card lost though fingerprint access
  • May by-pass the front desk queue if using mobile access
Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock

Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock


How is Wi-Fi Door Lock Works?

Based on the online platform built, the solution supports maximum 4 different ways to access hotel door lock:

  1. Fingerprint
  2. RFID card
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Mechanical key in case of emergency.

Fingerprint Access:

  • Guests are required to register their fingerprints once check-in, it will become digitalized data and restored into the hotel server computer that ADEL lock management software installed.
  • Guests may now access both their hotel  rooms and facilities authorized simply showing their fingerprints to the lock / access controller. Hotel operator can even expand this feature with a third party POS system to realize fingerprint payment.
  • The access authority of guest’s fingerprint will be invalided automatically after stay-period due.
  • *P.S.: the fingerprint data stored is only encrypted digitalize data that can not be converted or reverted as a fingerprint template or photo.

Mobile Apps Access:

  • Guests will need to download a Apps before check-in.
  • Simply scan the QR card generated by ADEL hotel lock management software after hotel room assigned.
  • Room number will be shown on the Apps once scanning success.
  • Turn on the Apps when you are getting near to the room assigned, and click the unlock button when it turns green.
  • The access authority will be invalided automatically after stay-period due.

RFID Card Access:

  • Cards will be issued to guests when check-in as usual, the only difference is now the hotel can have closer management to the hotel access control system. Specific guest card cancellation can be done in seconds.
  • Also, there is potential for the hotel to upgrade the POS as a card payment system with third party solution.


For more information of ADEL Wi-Fi Hotel Door Lock System, please call us now at 012-415 1999 (Mr. Ethan Lee)